Why Imperial College of Toronto?
Six reasons:
1. University Guaranteed
2. Flexible Schedule
3. Highly qualified teachers
4. Unique Guidance Program
5. Encouraging Learning Atmosphere
6. Homely Warm Cares
Each year, students from ICT, compete in the world famous DESCARTES MATHEMATICS CONTEST held by the University of Waterloo and do very well. This year, 11 ICT students were recognized by University of Waterloo for Excellence in Mathematics.

ICT is also proud to be a participant of the Governor General Academic Medal program. Our winner for every school year has the overall average of more than 90%.

Over the past years, graduates of Imperial College of Toronto have established themselves as being among the very best and were accepted into the very best universities in Canada, America and Europe.

Imperial College of Toronto is proud of its students, not only because of academic skills, but also the confidence in themselves.