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Miljenko Zoric

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Math, Science
Imperial College of Toronto
for International Students' Preparing toward University
Welcome to Toronto
“Seek the Heights”
Profiling ICT:
Location: Metropolitan Toronto Teaching staff: Considerate Masters
Guidance: Critical Enforcement Mission: Maximum Efficiency
Reliability: Impeccably Owned Property Chances to Join: 5 Intakes a Year
Our Philosophy:
We care about happiness and dignity.
We care about success, in learning and in life.
We care about respect, for others and oneself.
We care about fairness and understanding.
ICT offers the same set of rules for everyone.
It guarantees a safe and comfortable environment.
It has a friendly and cooperative atmosphere.
It has a high standard for both students and faculty.
It ensures a real chance of success.

Established in 1990, Imperial College of Toronto, ICT, is an independent residential school registered with and inspected by Ontario’s Ministry of Education, Ontario (MIDNET884979). ICT offers both Canadian and foreign students ESL, Grade 11/12, and pre-university programs approved by Ontario's Ministry of Education towards OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma). Imperial College of Toronto understands students' needs and parents' expectations. ICT is proud to be a HOME away from home where students feel comfortable and welcome. Our highly qualified teaching staffs welcome all students who are interested in Arts, Science, Business Studies, and any field of study. We emphasize the development of the students in all around. Our aim is to provide love, care and adequate assistance, in order to help students into the best universities with the least expenses and shortest time possible.

Imperial College of Toronto:
Add: 20 Queen Elizabeth Blvd., Toronto, Ontario M8Z 1L8, Canada
Tel: 1-416-2514970 Fax: 1-416-2510259
e-Mail: info@imperialcollege.org
w-Site: www.imperialcollege.org